GardTec Cabinet Cooling Fan Kits Make Things Simple

January 6, 2017

GardTec Cabinet Cooling Fan KitsA new addition to the Major Electronix online store is cabinet cooling fan kits from GardTec. They are available in three different versions, and come with everything needed for a cooling fan system. This saves on the time and cost of having to purchase all the components separately! Each kit includes a FanTec cooling fan, a wire form fan guard or plastic fan filter assembly, and a fan power cord. Kits are available as 120V, 230V, or 120V with thermostat control. The sizes of cooling fans include 80 mm, 120 mm, 172 mm, and 254 mm, and have a fan guard or filter assembly of corresponding size.

Cooling fan systems are an integral part of maintaining a safe temperature for computers or control cabinet equipment. Overheating inside a control cabinet can lead to performance issues, data loss, or even equipment damage. Likewise, without the proper fan guard, the cooling fan may not be able to operate at its full potential. Fan guards keep foreign objects from getting inside the fan. Filter assemblies take things a step further by preventing dust and debris from entering the fan.

The wire form fan guard features rounded edges to allow for greater airflow and less noise. It also gives the fan guard a 95% efficiency rating, meaning only a minimal amount of air circulated from the fan is blocked. A fan filter assembly consists of a plastic fan guard, foam filter, and retainer. Every kit comes with a 72" fan cord that has a NEMA 1-15P plug on one end and a 45 degree connector on the other. Some kits also feature fan cords with a ring terminal attached. The kits with thermostat have a green fan cord that controls when the fan comes on. The fan will go on at 86 F and off at 75 F, saving more energy as opposed to having a fan run constantly.