Remphos LED Retrofit Kits from Light Efficient Design

December 10 2018

The line of LED fixtures handled by Major Electronix has expanded to include Remphos LED retrofit kits from Light Efficient Design. This selection of premium LED lighting options features FlexWatt and FlexColor technology, allowing for more versatility when installing into existing fixtures. Each kit has four wattage options and three color temperature options to choose from. They arrive with a default wattage and color temperature pre-selected, with the ability to choose whatever options you want when installing. With up to 12 possible combinations in one kit, this also saves on having individual kits for each option.

These LED retrofit kits come in four different designs to suit your needs. There are round 9" diameter kits for surface mount ceiling drum fixtures, as well as kits for wall sconces, linear fixtures, and half-circle (half-moon) wall fixtures. The round kits are used in the line of Remphos drum lights, making it possible to replace the LED board if necessary without replacing the whole fixture. The round kits and the rectangular wall sconce kits feature expandable LED boards, allowing them to fit into larger housings. The linear kits have the driver located either in the middle, or at the end of the board. Kits can also come with an optional motion/daylight sensor, which still works behind glass or plastic lenses. They all have a default color temperature of 4000K, with the ability to choose 3000K or 3500K as well. The drum kits have a default wattage of 10W, while the rest have a default of 6W. Color temperature is chosen with a selector switch, while the wattage is chosen with a screwdriver-operated turn dial.

Installation is versatile as well. The kits have rare-earth magnets built-in, as well as cut-outs in the driver for threaded rods. They have multiple holes for self-tapping screws, while the drum kits also have cut-outs in the chassis to allow for different wiring options. Keep in mind Remphos retrofit LED kits are designed for dry or damp environments. They are also designed to be mounted first before needing to be wired in. Because they are removable, they can be switched out if needed.

The Remphos LED retrofit kits all come with a 10-year warranty, and have a lifespan of 100,000 hrs. Also available in this category are LED light bars that can be used as a retrofit kit for a number of fixtures. Several light bars can be connected to each other or used in high bay, linear lighting, or vapor tight fixtures. Other Remphos LED fixtures from Light Efficient Design are also available, including solar area lights, linear stairwell lights, and high bay lights for high temperature areas.