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*Please note that for most parts the locking nuts are sold separately*

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Sealcon PVDF (Teflon) Strain Relief Cord Grips

Major Electronix offers the full line of PVDF strain relief fittings from Sealcon/Hummel. These liquid tight cable glands feature a PVDF (Teflon) body with a Viton insert. Currently available online in dome versions, they come in a range of metric, NPT, and PG sizes. Flex versions can be ordered by contacting us. These cable glands, also called cord grips, are perfect for food & beverage applications and high temperature jobs, as they stay strong against chemical exposure and temperature extremes. They also work well in clean room applications. It is recommended to use nickel plated brass locknuts with these cord grips, which are sold separately. Like the other cable glands, they are liquid tight up to 300 ft with the proper installation. Both Viton and Teflon are trademarks of DuPont Elastomer.