Product Spotlight: Hirschmann MESAP 43650 Measuring Adapter

June 17 2019

Hirschmann MESAP measuring test adapterA useful accessory for DIN 43650 (EN 175301-803) Form A solenoid valve connectors is the Hirschmann MESAP 43650 measuring test adapter. It is made for use with 4 mm banana plug test leads. It can be used with both the Hirschmann GDM series connectors as well as HTP Form A connectors (designated by the H550Z in the part number). The MESAP test adapter works with both 2 + ground or 3 + ground valve connectors and includes a short circuit bridge. It is rated for 250V and 10 A. It carries CE approval, is RoHS compliant, and has a protection rating of IP 65.

The MESAP Form A measuring adapter is attached between the DIN 43650 female connector and the solenoid valve or other device. Using this adapter creates a better way to provide servicing or correct problems, as the current and voltage can be constantly checked while the valve or device is in use. Connecting the banana plug test lead to the black side of the housing will provide a voltage reading on the test meter, while connecting to the red side of the housing provides an amperage reading. Each side is also marked with a V or an A to avoid confusion.

Banana plug test leads are available from Mueller and Hirschmann Test & Measurement. They come in varying lengths ranging from 12 to 60 inches, with either red or black cords. They are available with test prods, plunger clips, alligator clips, or as double-ended banana plug leads. Banana plugs may be shrouded, un-shrouded, or stackable. For added convenience, we also have a test lead to meter cross reference chart.