CPS ST Series Cable Carriers are Self Supporting

May 12, 2017

CPS ST Series Cable Carrier ChainThe ST series of cable carrier shift chains from CPS is now available through Major Electronix. These ST series cable carriers are a "longer, self supporting type", meaning they can support cables at a longer distance, up to 30% farther, without sagging. It also has other features, such as the teeth in each chain link being placed at 5mm spacing, so dividers are held more firmly in place. The ST Series "normal type" cable carriers have hinged frames, to make it easier to access the cables. The 44mm & 55mm pitch chains have a hook lock type frame, while the wider pitch chains have a pin lock type frame.

The cable carrier components are purchased separately, to make it easier to customize based on the needs of the application. This includes chain links, dividers, separators, tie wraps, and free end brackets. Chain links are sold individually, and we have a convenient cable carrier chain calculator to determine how many links of a particular pitch are needed to reach a desired length. Separators & dividers provide horizontal and vertical partitions within the chain link to keep cables of different sizes separated and to prevent them from tangling up. The ST series cable carrier chains are made from glass fiber reinforced polyamide, and have a speed of 10m/sec with a noise level of 40db.

This type of cable carrier drag chain is ideal for applications such as robotics, welding machines, feeder units, and assembly loaders. A number of ST series normal type chains are available for purchase online, with more continuing to be added. Other varieties can also be ordered over the phone. This includes the enclosed type ST series, the long travel type (ST-S Series), and the fast & silent type (NSB Series). The ST-S series is made to minimize friction, while the NSB series is designed for high speed use, while providing a low noise level.