Menics MS70 Series Beacon Lights Provide Many Options

April 30 2019

Major Electronix has added the Menics MS70 series of beacon signal lights. These 70mm diameter beacon lights use LEDs and are available in several different colors, including blue, green, red, yellow, and clear. Also included are multi-color signal lights, which provide red/yellow/green or red/blue/green LEDs in the same unit. The MS70 series offers several different mounting options to fit the needs of your installation.

The MS70LT series single color models feature flashing LEDs with two different flash modes, which are selectable with the integrated switch. The standard flash rate is around 75 times per minute, while the emergency flash rate is around 130 times per minute. Signal lights are available with or without an adjustable alarm. The alarm's volume can be set between 50-80 dB. Voltage options are 12-24V DC or 110-120V AC. The MS70M series are the multi-color units, which all have a clear lens. They offer 3 different lighting options, including steady & flashing, steady with an alarm, or steady & flashing with alarm. Flash rate is dependent on the voltage, varying between 60-70 times per minute. Alarm volume is also adjustable between 50-75 dB. Voltage options are the same as the MS70LT series.

Both series offer the same variety of mounting options including direct mount, surface mount, and pole mount. Surface mount beacon lights have a flat base to attach to a flat surface, but can also be wall mounted through the use of a compatible wall bracket. Wiring runs through the back. Direct mount models have a 1/2" NPT screw thread with wiring running through the bottom. They can mount through a 22mm panel hole or can also be wall mounted with a bracket. Pole mounted units use 22 mm diameter poles with 225 mm or 240 mm heights. The 225 mm pole is used with a compatible base while the 240 mm pole is threaded for use with a bracket in wall mounting. Wiring runs through the bottom. All mounting accessories, including poles, bases, and wall brackets are sold separately.