Stainless Steel Cord Grips from Sealcon

May 1, 2015

Sealcon Stainless Steel Cord GripsThe line of Sealcon stainless steel strain relief cable glands are liquid tight to 150 psi and are submersible to 300 ft, just like their plastic and nickel plated brass counterparts. These strain relief fittings are available in metric, NPT and PG sizes. The metric and PG sizes are offered in 303 stainless steel, while the NPT fittings are made from 316L stainless steel. The main difference is that the 316L steel is a harder material than the 303. This is especially useful if the fitting comes in immediate contact with salt water or harsh chemicals. Both varieties are perfect for applications that need a corrosion proof cord grip, such as off shore rigs, food processing, chemical plants and marine applications.

The stainless steel cable glands come in two varieties. They can feature a Buna-N (NBR) insert with a nylon clamping insert, or a Viton insert with a PVDF clamping insert. Viton, a trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomer, can work under a wider temperature range than NBR rubber, however the NBR material is typically less expensive than Viton.

If you are looking for a fitting specifically for the food industry, Major Electronix also carries stainless steel hygienic cord grips. The hygienic cord grips have a smooth surface, so dirt and bacteria will not build-up. Examples of applications include bottling plants, dairy and meat processing, packaging and food production. Besides the cable glands, PG and metric stainless steel locknuts made from 303 steel are also available. The NPT cord grips can be used with nickel plated brass lock nuts. O-Rings are included. Please note that these are special order items that will have a longer delivery time.