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*Please note that for most parts the locking nuts are sold separately*

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Nickel Plated Brass Flex Cable Glands

Major Electronix carries the full line of nickel plated brass flex fittings from Sealcon. Also called cable glands or cord grips, these strong and durable strain relief flex fittings offer a greatly increased cable range with superior corrosion protection over nylon plastic. They are available in metric, PG & NPT sizes. Nickel plated brass cable glands come included with an O-Ring, which helps to create a liquid tight seal. Flex cord grips are made to keep the cable from kinking or chafing while still allowing some freedom of movement. Sealcon strain relief is especially adaptable, as the inserts can be switched out to change the size of the cable opening. Because the splines on the flex fitting overlap, they keep the cable from getting damaged because the form seal stays put inside the fitting. The cable is kept from moving while tightening the nut because grooves inside the cord grip keep the cable from rotating. The nickel plated brass strain relief flex fittings are also useful in keeping the cable from coming into contact with other objects that might cause damage to it.