The HTP M12 Distribution Block Kit

September 23 2019

HTP M12 Distribution Block kitThe HTP M12 distribution block kit includes an M12 distribution box with integrated PLC, a right-angle male 12 pin A-coded M12 cable with USB connection for the programming port, and a female straight 4 pin S-coded M12 cable for the power port. On the distribution box, the input ports are 5 pin and the output ports are 4 pin. All of them are A-coded female.

The M12 distribution box has 12 digital input contacts (3 for each input port) and 8 output contacts (2 for each output port). The CPU can handle 10,000 scans per second and is designed to allow for quick program debugging. The programming interface is designed to be user friendly, using the TaskScript Studio IDE programming language. It uses graphical flow charts to represent the flow of data and the control flow. A serial connection can be made with more than one of these M12 distribution blocks, and communication is possible with other devices through an RJ45 or RS485 connection. LED indicators show the status of the input/output ports as well as the power & programming ports. It uses ModBUS/RTU, ModBUS/TCP, and HTTP/TCP/IP protocols. The TaskScript Studio program works on Windows systems from Windows XP up to Windows 10.

Both of the included cables have a 5-meter length with a black PVC jacket and four conductors. They are each rated at IP 69K and have a rated voltage of 30V AC/DC. The female cable is single ended and rated for 12 A, while the male M12/USB cable is rated for 1.5 A. The power port on the M12 block is rated for 24V DC and 16 A, and features overvoltage protection. The programming port is rated for 5V DC. Input ports are 12V-30VDC and output ports are 24V DC. The input and output ports all have optoisolated connections and are rated for 2 A. All ports have nickel plated brass couplings.