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M8 Molded Cordsets for Small Actuators & Sensors

A selection of M8 Molded Cables are available from Major Electronix. This includes those from Mencom, Hirschmann, HTP, MURR Elektronik, Sealcon, and Lumberg Automation. These M8 cables are also known as Pico, and feature an M8 size mating thread. They are available in a variety of lengths, with 3, 4, or 6 pin male and female connectors. With their plug and play capability, they present a cost effective solution because they are easy to work with. The small size is beneficial when space is at a premium. They all have IP ratings for protection against dust and water. Cable is covered with PUR or PVC and the plugs come in both straight or right angle configurations. Plugs are made from such materials as polyurethane, PVC, or thermoplastic, while many also feature gold plated contacts. They are applicable to a wide variety of applications, especially for small actuators and sensors.

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