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Jorc Condensate Drain Valves

Major Electronix handles the line of condensate drain valves from Jorc. This includes timer controlled drains and level sensing drains, which can be powered electrically, magnetically, or pneumatically. The different series of condensate drains are each geared toward different applications or modes of operation. The electric condensate drain valves use a Form A or Form B DIN 43650 connector to operate. The OPTIMUM series is a range of timer controlled drains that can fit a number of applications, that have brass or stainless steel connections. The EAD series drains are also timer controlled, and made for compressed air systems. The TEC-11 series timer drains feature a low profile, ideal for compact applications like filters and dental compressors. The MAG series are magnetically operated, and are used in situations where electric power unsafe or not available. Accessories, such as service kits or replacement timers, are also available.

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