M12 Distribution Blocks from Lumberg Automation

September 4, 2015

Lumberg Automation M12 Distribution BlockM12 distribution blocks from Lumberg Automation are now being offered through Major Electronix. These include both passive and active devices, which provide a place for multiple M12 connections. This allows the user to cut costs, reduce effort, and save space. Also referred to as junction blocks, they feature either 4 or 8 ports, with many of the passive units including integrated control cable in varying lengths. The distribution blocks all have die cast zinc housings to provide the durability needed for industrial applications. Another characteristic includes embedded M12 ports, which add to the compact design.

The active M12 distribution blocks come with Ethernet, Profinet, or Profibus connections for secure data transmission on networks. They can have 16 digital inputs, 16 digital outputs, or 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs. They all have LED indicators to show the current channel status as well as two 7/8" power supply ports. The Ethernet and Profibus devices also come with rotary switches for setting addresses. The passive devices have either one or two signals per port, with some having LED indicators. The models without LEDs are intended for analog signals. The passive distribution blocks that do not have control cable feature a 12 pole M23 connector designed for attaching control cable. Both types have the capability to use T connectors, which is especially beneficial in the case of two signal ports.

These passive and active distribution blocks can be ordered online or by phone. They are useful in a number of different industries, including mechanical engineering, plant construction, welding, and material handling. A new addition to this line are the Lumberg Lion-P series M12 distribution blocks which are made to work in an IO-Link Hub/Master system.