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Fan Power Cords from GardTec

The four varieties of fan power cords can be designed to meet your needs, including options such as tinning, heat shrink and stripping. Tinning is a way to take loose, stray wires and make them into one solid wire. This promotes safety and efficiency by providing a stable connection that won't come loose. Wire insulation can be provided by heat shrink, which protects the wire from abrasion and the conditions of the environment. Besides stripped wire, labeling and terminal connections are also available options for the fan power cords from GardTec. The different styles of plugs on the fan power cords include T-Style plugs, 45 degree and 90 degree plugs, as well as straight plugs. The GardTec fan cords come in lengths of 12", 24", 36", 48", 60", 72" or 96", depending on the series. These fan power cords are specifically made to be used with tube axial fans. They are available as 2 conductor cords with wire rated at 300 V and 105 C. These fan cords can be cross referenced with other brands, including Qualtek, NIDEC and GLOBE. All the fan power cords are UL and CSA listed. Also available are green fan power cords, which feature an integrated thermostat that can control when the fan comes on. It monitors the temperature so that the cooling fan can turn on or turn off at certain points, saving energy.

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