Circuited Form A DIN 43650 Connectors

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DIN Form A Hardwired Connectors with Circuit

There are a number of circuit options available for the hardwired Form A female DIN 43650 solenoid valve connectors handled by Major Electronix. This mainly includes DIN 43650 Form A connectors that come with an LED indicator and/or surge suppression. LED indicators confirm the voltage supply, while MOV suppression or diodes give overvoltage protection to the source and load. LED options range from 10-250V. These Form A connectors are from manufacturers such as Hirschmann, HTP and Omal. Cable entry sizes include M16, M20, PG 9, PG 11, or 1/2" NPT for conduit. HTP DIN connectors have a removable grommet to accommodate 5-10mm cable sizes. Gasket options include NBR profile, NBR flat & EPDM flat. While they are most commonly used with solenoid valves, they are ideal for a large variety of applications, especially those involving hydraulics and pneumatics.