M23 Connectors from Mencom

July 7 2020

M23 Molded Cordset The line of M23 connectors from Mencom includes molded cable cordsets, receptacles, and field wireable connectors. They are classified by their M23 size mating thread. M23 connectors most commonly have 12 or 19 pin counts, however there are a few available with 6, 7, or 8 pins. As with most other Mencom connectors, they have gold plated copper alloy contacts. Mencom’s M23 power connectors can be used in a variety of different applications, such as those with motor drives, encoders, or switches. They can be found used with robotics, packaging, machine tooling, and other industries. Most are used for control signals and have an MCV part number. Those that start with MCVH in the part number are used for power.

The M23 molded cable cordsets come in male or female, straight or right-angle configurations, along with double ended cordsets that have a male connection on one side and a female connection on the other. The cordsets feature black PUR (polyurethane) cable, which is made to resist abrasions and chemical exposure. The most common lengths are 2, 5, or 10 meters, however there are a few with 15 or 20 meter lengths as well. Cables have both 18 and 22 AWG wire.

Mencom’s M23 field wireable connectors, also called hardwired connectors, also have male or female contacts. Available with a straight or right-angle configuration, they have termination by solder cup or crimp pin. Housings are nickel plated brass. The 12 pin versions have a grommet with an inner and outer layer to accommodate more cable sizes. If the cable has a diameter greater than 8 mm, the inner grommet can be removed. A separate assembly tool can be used to help hold the casing in place while attaching wires or tightening the connector.

The M23 receptacles are male or female, with most having a pre-wired lead. Lead lengths range from approximately 1 foot up to 2 meters. Like the field wireable connectors, the M23 receptacles have nickel plated brass shells. They have a variety of mounting thread sizes, including M20, 1/2" NPT, and panel mount versions. Termination for the non-wired receptacles can be through a solder cup or crimp pins.

Crimp pins for the M23 hardwired connectors are sold separately, along with the accessories and tools needed for assembly. This includes crimp tool locator heads and extraction tools. The Mencom M23 crimp pins are compatible with the ILME CCPZ-MIL hand crimper.