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Cnlinko YT-RJ45 Series RJ45 Male Plug Cnlinko RJ45 Male Plug In Stock
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Industrial Ethernet Connectors and Cables

The line of industrial Ethernet connectors handled by Major Electronix are made with the demands of an industrial environment in mind. The field wireable plugs come in 4 pole or 8 pole versions and most are made from black polyamide with gold plated copper alloy contacts. Cnlinko Ethernet plugs have RJ45 connections with rectangular or circular housings. The different Ethernet receptacles that are available can be fashioned from polyamide, nickel plated brass, or aluminum. Some include various lengths of lead wire or Cat5e cable with RJ45 plugs. The Cnlinko Ethernet panel mount sockets all have dual RJ45 Ethernet ports. There is a variety of styles and configurations of industrial Ethernet cordsets from Mencom that feature PUR or PVC cable, including some with RJ45 plugs. The cable on these cordsets is oil resistant. Major Electronix offers both male and female versions of Ethernet cordets, with 2, 5, or 10 meters of cable. M-12 D-coded Mencom industrial Ethernet connectors are made to provide easy installation. The range of E45V3 industrial Ethernet connectors can be used with RJ45 patch cords and are also simple to install. The receptacles and cordsets with Cat5e cable and RJ45 plugs can be combined with M12 receptacles or plugs to provide the option of a fast, easy disconnect. These Industrial Ethernet connectors are able to meet the needs of a number of different industries and applications.

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