EternaBond Leak Repair Tape is Easy to Use

March 4 2016

EternaBond Leak Repair TapeEternaBond leak repair tape has a number of benefits, such as providing a permanent solution using MicroSealant Technology, or being versatile enough to work on many different types of materials. One more advantage is the simple process involved with applying it. EternaBond carries several different varieties of sealant tape to accommodate any need, as well as other leak repair products, including caulk, cleaner, and surface conditioner.

In most basic situations, installing EternaBond can be done in just a few steps. First, the surface should be clean and free of any large debris. EternaClean can be used if necessary to remove substances such as oil, grease, or tree sap from the surface. In some instances, it may be necessary to use EternaPrime surface conditioner before applying the tape. EternaPrime is beneficial on tar, mortar, wood, concrete, or other materials that can be particularly dirty and hard to clean. It takes the loose particles and creates a solid surface for the tape to stick to. Using the surface conditioner is also a necessary step when applying the tape in particularly cold temperatures, between -20 F and 40 F. Please note that EternaPrime is not for use on PVC. After any required surface treatments are complete, the tape can be applied, removing the lining as it is laid down to avoid mistakes. To remove air bubbles and activate the sealing process, pressure is applied either by hand or through the use of a steel roller.

There may be special situations that may take an extra step of consideration. For repairing pond linings, for example, care should be taken to ensure that all debris is gone, and the surface has been properly treated beforehand. Whether or not a coating will be used can affect the choice of tape in this instance as well. WebSeal is the better choice if coating is used. If not, RoofSeal will be sufficient. Sometimes a certain type of tape will work better than others in specific applications. On metal surfaces, such as ductwork, it is preferable to use AlumiBond, which features a 4 mil thick aluminum backing. With joints that have a gap, caulk may be necessary to fill the space before using EternaBond. DoubleStick tape is also useful in these applications, as it can be shaped to fit in between spaces or around objects, such as screws or nails.