New! HTP Extended Range Proximity Sensors

October 6 2020

HTP Proximity SensorBrand new from HTP is their line of extended range proximity sensors. These sensors can be used in different types of automated machinery to detect parts. They are inductive proximity sensors, meaning they are intended for use in detecting metal targets instead of ones made from another material, such as plastic. A proximity sensor can recognize a part without having to come in physical contact with it. Once connected, it creates a small magnetic field, which is why they are used with metal targets.

These proximity sensors have a sensing range of 2-15 mm, depending on the part, which is greater than most standard sensors. This allows for more precise detection. They have a less complicated installation thanks to the wrench flats and the 4-view LED indicator in every sensor. The tight hysteresis means there is less lag between the input and output, allowing for more repeatable sensing. The high torque barrel is also thicker than standard, allowing for greater durability. They can have 303 stainless steel or nickel plated brass housings, with M8, M12, M18, or M30 thread and a 4 pin male M12 or a 3 pin male M8 connection.

The sensors have a normally closed or normally open output with a sensing face made from PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate). PBT is a type of plastic known for its stability, strength, and heat and chemical resistant properties. Normally closed means the output is off when it senses a target, while normally open indicates the reverse. All the HTP inductive proximity sensors feature short circuit protection, while the 3-wire versions also have reverse polarity protection, in the event that the polarity from the power supply is switched. The 3-wire versions can have a positive-negative-positive or negative-positive-negative configuration. They all have IP 67 protection, which means once connected they are totally protected from dust and temporary immersion in water.

The full line of HTP proximity sensors is available to order online. As they are a brand new product, please note they do currently have a lead time of approximately 5-6 weeks.