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5001 Blue Cap - 5001-0025 Major 5001 Blue Cap - 5001-0025 In Stock
Our Price: $4.42
5001 Cam Shaft - 5001-0015 Major 5001 Cam Shaft - 5001-0015 In Stock
Our Price: $118.55
5001 Circuit Board - 5001-0401 Major 5001 Circuit Board - 5001-0401 In Stock
Our Price: $696.98
5001 Cutting Head - 5001-2001 Major 5001 Cutting Head - 5001-2001 In Stock
Our Price: $957.75

Electric Wire Strippers and Wire Stripping Equipment

Major Electronix provides its own line of wire stripping equipment, made to provide ease of use while featuring plug-and-play capabilities, which includes four wire stripping machines. All three benchtop wire stripping machines are electric and simple to use, with only a minimal amount of steps required to operate them. They can all strip PVC material, with the 5001 also being able to accommodate Teflon and other similar materials. The various wire strippers are lightweight with controls that are easy to comprehend. The 5000 series wire stripping machines are designed to strip wires for connector or crimp terminal assembly, however they do not strip wire for scrap. The 5001 wire stripper is made for 30-14 AWG wire and can accommodate those sizes without having to change blades. It features a compact lightweight design and insulation that can be partially or completely removed. It can be operated in 3 steps: Plug it in, set the wire gauge and set the strip length. The 5002 wire stripper is operated by an electric motor and can accommodate 26-16 AWG wire. A knob on the side of the machine allows for quick easy adjustments. It has a one year warranty. Like the 5002, the 5003 also is run by an electric motor. The 5003 can handle 14-6 AWG wire and has an integrated spare blade. Like the other machines, it also features a space saving design that weighs less than 20 pounds. The 5005 has a sensor to detect the size for 20-14 AWG wire. Wire stripping equipment also includes various parts for the wire stripping machines, including replacement blade sets.

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