Introduction to Macromatic Relays

July 10 2018

Major Electronix offers a wide range of relays from Macromatic. This line includes time delay, voltage or phase monitoring, alternating, and current sensing relays. They can be found in a number of industries, and most models are made here in the USA. The American made relays are usually made to order and have a 5-year warranty. These relays are available for surface mounting, DIN-Rail mounting, or as plug in units, depending on the model.

Time delay relays use timed intervals to control certain functions. The range includes both single function and multi-function units, with most time delays being programmable with a certain range. They come in several styles, including those with encapsulated or 1/16 DIN mount housings. Time delay relays prove useful in material handling, pump control, irrigation, generators, and HVAC equipment. See our timing functions chart for more info on the specific types of time delay relays.

Three phase monitor relays check for errors with phase loss, phase reversal, or unbalanced phases, which can cause equipment to malfunction. Some check for just one type of error, while others monitor for multiple types of errors. Voltage monitor relays are for single phase systems and check for over or under voltage errors that can possibly damage equipment. Another type is a voltage band relay, which monitors the voltage to make sure it stays within a certain range. Both types of monitoring relays are typically found in many of the same industries as time delay relays, such as wastewater, material handling, pump control, packaging, irrigation, and generators.

Alternating relays are designed to equalize the run time for applications that have 2 or 3 loads. Some feature selector switches to choose which load runs first, or to have them alternate. This range also includes door mounted relays that can be accessed without having to open the cabinet door. They are ideal for wastewater, pump control, and HVAC equipment.

Current sensing relays come in three varieties: relays that check only for over current errors, ones that check only for under current issues, and relays that can monitor for either one. The relays that monitor for over or under current errors have a selector switch to choose which type of error to check for. They all come with encapsulated housings for use in harsh environments and have a built-in transformer. They are found in many different industries, such as material handling, pump control, packaging, irrigation, and generators.

Also available are percentage timers and general purpose relays. The percentage timers are used in situations in which the ON time is a percentage of the total timed cycle for an application. This is common in irrigation, heating & cooling, motors, and chemical feeding. Certain models can also remember the timing sequence in the event of a power failure. They all feature panel mount housings. The general purpose relays have either an "ice cube" style plug-in housing or a slim DIN-Rail mount housing. The ice cube style relays work with an 8 or 11 pin blade or octal socket. The slim general purpose relays come with the relay and socket already attached, as they are intended to be used together.

The last types are pump seal failure and intrinsically safe relays. Pump seal failure relays are used with submersible pumps to monitor for potential leaks and are usually connected to an audible alarm. Certain models also check for over temperature issues. The temperature & seal leak relays also feature door mount housings. Macromatic's intrinsically safe relay is designed to control the load for applications in hazardous locations. It's typically used for refineries, grain elevators, and pump lift stations.