DIN 43650 Connector and Custom Connector Assemblies

September 12 2016

DIN 43650 Valve Connectors - Form A, B, C

Major Electronix offers a complete line of DIN 43650 connectors, and can also create custom connector assemblies. DIN 43650 connectors, also referred to as valve connectors as they are traditionally used on solenoid valves, have found their way on everything from military vehicles to medical sterilization equipment. DIN 43650 indicates the set of standards met by these connectors, which are now referred to as EN 175301-803. We have DIN connectors from several different manufacturers, some of which are compatible with other brands such as MPM/Woodhead or CNE.

DIN 43650 connectors come in three forms, which are defined by certain characteristics. The most common type are Form A solenoid valve connectors. They are known by their U-shaped pins which face inward and have an 18 mm pin spacing. Form B DIN 43650 connectors have a rectangular shape, as opposed to a square shape, and have 10 mm or 11 mm pin spacing. The 10 mm connectors have one flat blade contact with two U-shaped contacts, while the 11 mm versions have 3 flat blade contacts. Form C connectors have flat blade pins with 8 mm or 9.4 mm separating them.

We have a complete Guide to DIN 43650 Connectors for even more extensive information, including handy comparison charts. With Major's complete offering of connectors and custom capabilities, all customer requirements can be met. An example of such an assembly is shown below, in which a circular connector is attached via cable to two Form C DIN connectors. Besides adding various cable lengths, different circuitry options can also be implemented, including LED indicators, diodes, and MOV suppression (otherwise known as varistors). These added features can perform such functions as indicating the voltage supply or providing protection in the event of a power surge. Many of the standard DIN 43650 connector assemblies are available for purchase online. Assemblies that require more customization can be ordered over the phone or by email.

Custom DIN Connector Cable Assembly