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MIL-SPEC 5015 Equivalent Connectors

A selection of MIL-SPEC 5015 equivalent connectors from Mencom is handled by Major Electronix. This line includes molded cordsets and hardwired connectors. MIL-SPEC refers to the military specifications met by certain connectors. These standards mostly refer to the connector's ease of use and durability of performance. Mencom MIL-SPEC connectors can withstand harsher conditions, including exposure to moisture and vibrations. They are designed with industrial applications in mind, including automation, robotics, and medical instruments. They are currently offered in 3 shell sizes, 10SL, 14S, and 18, and feature North American color codes. Molded cordsets are available in lengths ranging from 1 to 10 meters, with yellow or black cable. Field wireable connectors are male or female straight. Pin counts vary from 2 to 10 contacts, depending on the size.

MIL-SPEC 5015 Connector Articles

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