Mueller Clips & Insulators Overview

December 16, 2016

Mueller Clips & InsulatorsA large variety of clips and insulators from Mueller is offered through Major Electronix. Mueller invented the alligator clip over 100 years ago and today they are seen as the standard. Alligator clips are used to connect wire to electrical equipment, such as batteries. Most commonly found in the automotive industry, they can also be used in other areas, such as for scientific or medical purposes. The large selection of clips includes plated steel, solid steel, or solid copper versions, as well as fully insulated clips. Connections can be made by crimp, solder, screw, or even with banana plugs. They are RoHS Compliant, with varying voltage and current ratings.

Mueller clips come in many sizes and styles to suit the needs of the application. There are clips designed specifically for battery terminals, such as the plier type clips, as well as a selection of J.S. Popper brand clips made for telecommunications. These J.S. Popper clips are designed to pierce insulation, using either a single spike or a bed of nails. There are also Kelvin clips, which are distinguished by their isolated jaws. Kelvin clips are intended for 4 wire sensing applications. Grounding clips come in either unmarked or marked positive versions. Some clips are designed specifically for welding applications.

Separate insulators are available for all the non-insulated clips. Insulators increase safety by providing the clip with protection from outside contact. Specific insulators are designed for certain clips, so make sure the insulator corresponds to the correct clip, or else it will not fit properly. They are available in several different colors and are made of PVC material. Fully insulated clips typically come in black or red. For further guidance on selecting a clip, there is a handy Mueller Clip Reference Chart. It presents info on each clip, such as amp rating, jaw opening size, connection type, wire gauge, length, material, and the corresponding insulator.