Pico (M8) Molded Cables

July 21, 2014

M8 Molded CablesMajor Electronix is now offering M8 molded cable connectors through our online store. Also known as Pico, these M8 connectors are available from Mencom, HTP, Hirschmann, MURR Elektronik, Sealcon, and Lumberg Automation. These cordsets are categorized by their M8 size mating thread, while their small size makes them ideal for smaller industrial applications such as sensors and actuators. They are versatile enough to be used in many different industries. The smaller size provides both financial and practical benefits, as they can be easily implemented and don't take up much room. The one-ended cables have one connector, while the other side is left open for wiring. The double-ended cables feature M8 connectors at both ends. Most are made with black, gray, yellow, or orange PVC jacketed cable, depending on the manufacturer, and have smaller pin counts. PUR jacketed cables are also available.

The M8 molded cables all feature ratings for dust and water protection, including IP67 and IP69K. IP67 ratings indicate that the part is completely protected from dirt and can handle a temporary submersion in water. IP69K also shows total protection from dirt, as well as water jets that are high temperature.

A wide variety of cordsets are available for purchase with varying lengths and configurations, including both male and female straight or right angle connectors. Most are screw-on type, while a few are snap-on type. The M8 connectors expand on the line of M12 and M23 connectors that are already available.