DIN 43650 Connectors with Circuits

February 7, 2014

Circuited DIN 43650 ConnectorsMajor Electronix offers a large selection of DIN 43650 connectors with various circuit options. The standard circuit options include diodes, LED indicator lights and MOV surge suppression. Each of these options are available in several different combinations, including versions with just LEDs as well as LED/Diode or LED/MOV Suppression configurations. They are available as hardwired connectors or with different lengths of molded cable. The selection of DIN to M12 molded and hardwired connectors also includes circuited options. The different gaskets that are available include NBR profile, NBR flat and EPDM flat. Certain DIN connectors can also come without a gasket, if needed.

These circuited DIN connectors come in Form A, Form B or Form C and are from such manufacturers as Hirschmann, HTP, MURR Elektronik, and OMAL. Safety factors in the workplace can be increased through the use of a circuit option. For example, the MOV surge suppression or diode can help protect your equipment from damage caused by a power surge. This also benefits anyone who may work with or come in contact with the connector. LEDs can give a clear indication of the current voltage. Voltage options include 12V, 24V or 110-120V circuits.

Form A DIN 43650 connectors from MURR Elektronik typically feature more specialized circuits. These connectors include such options as bridge rectifiers, resistor-capacitors, and Z-Diodes. Z-Diodes and resistor-capacitors also help deal with power surges safely. Z-Diodes redirect surges while resistor-capacitors discharge power surges. Bridge rectifiers convert AC input into DC output.

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