ATE Series Andon Tower Signaling Lights

April 6 2018

Major Electronix is now offering Andon tower signaling lights, which are brand new from Amerimation. An Andon light simply means that it is primarily used for alerting someone to a problem or for getting someone's attention. These ATE series tower lights bring convenience and efficiency in that they come already assembled with the pole and control box attached. They come with brackets for wall mounting and can have 1-5 tiers of LEDs. The control box features color coordinated push buttons or a selector switch and is either directly connected to the 9.45" pole or connected by a 10 foot cable. All models also include a 6 foot long power cord.

Each component comes from a different manufacturer. The tower light itself is a Menics tower light, and the push buttons and selector switches are from Deca, which are mounted in a Boxco enclosure. They are all rated at 110V AC, with a 56 mm lens diameter. The single tier tower lights all operate as flashing, while the multi-tiered signal lights have a red flashing LED light, while all the others remain steady. Flashing LEDs have a rate of 80 times per minute. Please contact us for other Andon tower light options, including lights with buzzers/alarms or control boxes connected by a 15 foot cable.

The ATE series tower signal lights are ideal for several different types of applications, including distribution centers, call centers, assembly lines, and work stations. All ATE series lights carry UL and CE approvals and are RoHS compliant. Standard ATE lights can all be purchased through our online store, while other customized versions can be ordered over the phone.