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Industrial Thermal Management

The Seifert line of industrial thermal management solutions includes control cabinet air conditioning units and electric heaters. They provide a way to regulate the temperature inside the cabinet. The ComPact line of Seifert are designed so they require little to no maintenance, while also being highly efficient. They all feature a display which gives the current temperature and status. A touch easily configures the desired settings. These AC units are all made to be externally mounted to the unit. The electric heaters are available in 115V or 230V versions. They help prevent condensation from building up inside the cabinet due to changing internal temperatures. This is a particular risk for cabinets in outdoor settings. Using a heater keeps the warm air flowing evenly inside the cabinet. All the models have two different control settings. In the first setting, the thermostat controls both the fan and the heater. In the other the thermostat only controls the heater, while the fan is always on no matter what. Also available are thermoelectric coolers, which help to maintain cool temperature without the use of filters, compressors, or refrigerants.

Control cabinets, also referred to as electrical panels, are subject to similar risks as other electronic devices when it comes to internal temperature. Too high, and the cabinet overheats, leading to equipment damage or performance disruption. Likewise, when the inside temperature changes too much, it can also lead to problems. Using cabinet air conditioners and heaters can help to maintain the right internal temperature inside the electrical panel.

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