Sealcon M12 Power Connectors Provide Varied Options

October 7 2016

Sealcon M12 Power ConnectorsA recent addition to our online store is the line of M12 power connectors from Sealcon. These M12 connectors are all nickel plated brass with gold plated copper alloy contacts. They are available in male or female configurations, which also include panel mount connectors. The M12 power connectors are offered as kits, coming un-assembled with separate housings, inserts, and crimp contacts. They are rated for 16 A with 63V L-coded or 630V K-coded 4 + ground inserts. Options are increased further with both 14 AWG and 16 AWG crimp contacts being included. Housings for 8-11 mm OD cable come with reducing grommets for 3-6 mm and 4-9 mm cables.

The Sealcon M12 power connectors have characteristics that make them versatile for different areas and industries. They feature space saving designs, while still being useful for high power transmission applications. They also have a large operating temperature range to work in harsher environments. The PBT material used for the inserts is also able to withstand higher temperatures. The IP 67 / IP 69 K rating indicates high protection against exposure to dust and water. The EMI shielding allows them to be used in data applications. Like the M23 connectors, the M12 power connectors can be assembled and wired without needing specialized tools. Assembly instructions are included with the kits, along with spare contacts, in case any need to be replaced during crimping.

Common applications for these connectors include robotics, motor control switches, auxiliary power distribution, and material handling. All the different components are also available for purchase separately. Custom configurations can be purchased as well. This is usually done if a specific configuration is needed, or if having all the optional components is unnecessary. Please contact us by phone or email if you need to order separate components or custom power connector kits.