Cooltron AC Computer Cooling Fans Overview

July 12 2021

Cooltron AC fanA selection of Cooltron AC computer and cabinet cooling fans are available through Major Electronix. They are made in factories which are ISO certified, meaning the manufacturing process meets the standardization specifications. The fans also come with a three year manufacturer’s warranty, which covers defective parts.

These AC computer cooling fans are also called muffin fans or axial fans, as the air is directed along the shaft of the fan. They use alternating current, meaning the flow of electricity can change direction and allow for higher voltage fans. The selection of Cooltron AC fans includes both 115V and 230V versions. There are Standard series as well as Excellence series models. The Excellence series is made for more extreme applications due to the longer lifespan and wider environmental standards. The AC fans range from 80 x 80 x 25 mm to 172 x 151 x 51 mm in size. They all feature a dual ball bearing as well as terminal lead wires. Three are categorized as high-speed fans, while one of the FA8025 series models is considered a medium speed fan. The FA1751 series model also features a capacitor and thermal control.

While all of them work well for computer and control cabinet temperature control, certain models are ideal for more specific uses. For example, the FA8025 series works well for cooling the electric components of residential and commercial ovens. Keeping temperatures down for electronic equipment is important to avoid overheating and damage to the components. Overheating can also lead to data loss and other issues.

The AC cooling fans available through the online store are all in stock and able to ship immediately. Other sizes of cabinet cooling fans may be available by ordering over the phone, so feel free to contact us if you don’t see what you’re looking for. They have a 25% faster lead time compared to the industry average. They are compatible with the cooling fan guards and fan power cords we also have available.