Junction Box & Terminal Enclosures from LiteCycle

May 23, 2017

LiteCycle Junction Box enclosuresMajor Electronix handles the line of electrical enclosures from LiteCycle, which includes terminal enclosures, junction boxes, and push button boxes. The terminal enclosures and junction boxes are designed to protect electrical connections. They not only keep the connections inside safe from outside hazards, but they also protect others from unsafe contact. They are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to fit the needs of different applications. The LiteCycle electrical enclosures are durable and tested to meet quality standards. They have space saving designs and many feature molded knockouts for easy installation, along with completely removable covers.

The terminal enclosures feature an integrated terminal strip, and are either aluminum or ABS plastic. The housings are gray, ivory, or gray with a clear polycarbonate cover. Having the terminal strip already installed saves the time and effort of having to separately mount one inside. Ivory enclosures are ideal in situations where presenting a pleasing appearance is important, such as in office or medical settings. The electrical enclosures with clear covers prove useful for applications that need to be checked regularly, including large industrial equipment and plant facilities. Being able to see inside eliminates the need to take the cover off every time they are checked. The solid gray is used most often for industrial jobs, such as robotics, machinery, and control systems. The aluminum terminal enclosures are useful under demanding conditions, and work well in petrochemical plant facilities, gas supplying facilities, and welding.

The LiteCycle junction boxes are all made from aluminum with a gray powder finish, and do not have a terminal strip. The powder finish allows them to resist corrosion. They are rated IP 67, meaning they can be submerged up to 1 meter for 30 minutes and have complete protection against foreign particles. The junction boxes are ideal for warehouses and industrial plants, or in electronic or pneumatic applications.

LiteCycle's push button boxes come with red or yellow covers, featuring entries for one or two push buttons. Push button entries can be 22mm, 25mm, or 30mm. They are made from PBT plastic, with a colored resin molded lid that is designed to resist fading.