An Overview of Mueller Banana Connectors and Plunger Clips

September 14 2021

The line of Mueller banana plugs and jacks available through Major Electronix are available in a variety of different types to fit the needs of various applications. Banana plugs are so named because of their curved shape that resembles the fruit. The plugs and jacks come in insulated or non-insulated versions, with the insulated versions having black or red handles. Most banana connectors have a 4 mm diameter (0.16”). Each curved section on a banana plug is called a leaf, with each plug having a total of four or nine leaves. Some are stackable, meaning the banana plug also has a jack on the other end to allow another banana plug to be connected to it. Also available are five way binding posts, so named because there are five ways to make a connection with them. This can include banana plugs, wire attached to the post, inserting wire, spade terminals, or pin connectors. A variety of test leads are available that feature banana plugs already attached to the ends.

Plunger clips are used to access hard to reach test points. They are all insulated to a single contact point, in red or black. As the name suggests, they feature spring loaded clips that are pushed down to access. They are available in a variety of lengths to be able to reach different test points. They can be right angle or straight, with some featuring a threaded connection. Related to the plunger clips are test prods, which are also made to reach test points. They are long, thin, contact points that can be insulated or non-insulated. Some have threaded connections, while others work with banana plugs. Most plunger clips and test probes are rated for 1000V. As with the banana connectors, there are also test leads available that have plunger clips or test probes already attached.

The line of Mueller test and measurement accessories handled by Major Electronix also includes a large selection of clips and insulators, coaxial cable assemblies, SMA connectors, and other types of test leads.