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Mueller BU-00201-0 Plunger Clip Mueller BU-00201-0 Black Plunger Clip Usually ships in 3-4 business days
Our Price: $2.23
Mueller BU-00201-2 Plunger Clip Mueller BU-00201-2 Red Plunger Clip Usually ships in 3-4 business days
Our Price: $2.23
Mueller BU-00202-0 2.5" Plunger Clip Mueller BU-00202-0 Black 2.5" Plunger Clip Usually ships in 3-4 business days
Our Price: $2.28

Test and Measurement Equipment

Major Electonix carries a wide array of Testing and Measurement equipment from Mueller. Mueller testing and measurement equipment is known for its high quality and reliability. They can carry a number of approvals, such as UL and CSA, with many also being RoHS compliant. Mueller has a great deal of experience, having been in business for over 100 years. They have an especially extensive line of alligator clips, which are known as the standard in the industry. The product line includes such items as clips and insulators, banana plugs, test leads and coaxial cable assemblies. Many of the test leads can be crossed with other types of meters from other brands. There are a number of different types of clips available, including alligator clips and crocodile clips. There are also clips intended for specific uses, such as automotive, welding, meter testing and telecommunications. Most of the clips are nickel or zinc plated steel, or solid copper. PVC insulators are available for every type of clip. Mueller clips are made to be long lasting and give optimum performance. The banana plugs come in various configurations and have a nickel plated brass construction. The selection of plunger clips help make sure that test points are within easy reach. Both the test leads and coaxial cable assemblies come in different lengths. Many of the coaxial cables feature BNC connectors that are insulated. Test and Measurement products from Mueller prove useful in a wide variety of industries, including medical, telecommunications, automotive, transportation, aerospace and the military.