Mencom GF-RJ45-R-32 Panel Interface Connector

April 14, 2014

Mencom GF-RJ45-R-32 PICPICs such as the Mencom GF-RJ45-R-32 Panel Interface Connector are used to create access to the cabinet without opening the panel door. The various connections on the PIC are made to keep in communication with the units inside the cabinet or control panel. Keeping the panel closed helps increase safety by eliminating the risk of electric shocks while the panel door is open. Using a PIC helps reduce the risk of an Arc Flash, one of the most troublesome types of electrical hazards. This also saves on the time and cost of having to keep personnel trained to deal with such risks.

The Mencom GF-RJ45-R-32 Panel Interface Connector (PIC) has a 120V GFCI duplex outlet, RJ45 and a 3 amp resettable fuse. A GFCI outlet is able to keep tabs on the current flowing through it and can shut down the power if it detects an abnormal flow. It can then be reset once the problem is corrected. The RJ45 is a female / female Ethernet jack. The resettable 3 amp fuse is the standard type available for PICs, and is made to help control the output. It has a size 32 housing, which ends up being a wide square shape. Size 32 housings are typically have a base that is 92 mm tall (3.6 inches) and 126 mm wide (5 inches). This particular PIC is made to be bulkhead mounted, rather than surface mounted.

The Mencom GF-RJ45-R-32 Panel Interface Connector can be purchased online or over the phone. Many other configurations are also offered, with custom combinations also available. Please don't hesitate to contact us if there's a configuration you don't see on our site!