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5000 Series Wire Stripper Machine Specifications

**If you are unsure which wire stripper to choose, you can send us a sample of wire and have us test it for you**

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Electric Bench Top Wire Stripping Machines

These all electric bench top wire stripping machines all feature plug and play capabilities. Easy to use and lightweight, these machines are made to strip wire for connector or crimp terminal assembly. Adjustments in wire gauge or strip length can be made by easy to use adjustment knobs. The 5001 strips 30-14 AWG wire without having to change blades. It is compact and requires virtually no maintenance. This wire stripper can completely or partially remove the insulation on the wire. Simple to set up, in can be operated within minutes. The 5002 strips 26-10 AWG wire while also featuring compact dimensions. This wire stripping machine is driven by an electric motor and comes with an integrated spare blade. The 5003 is made for 14-6 AWG wire and like the others, is adjustable without having to change blades. Like the 5002, it also features an integrated spare blade. The 5002 and 5003 both come with a one year warranty. Also available is the 5005, which uses a sensor to automatically determine the wire gauge for 20-14 AWG wire. Please note that these wire stripping machines are not designed to strip wire for scrap.