Product Spotlight: Mencom Ethernet Field Wireable Plugs

July 8, 2013

Mencom Ethernet PlugsThe E45V3 series is one type of field wireable Ethernet plug from Mencom. The E45V3-8MP-FW is a black polyamide plug features an 8 pin insert with a E45V3 type head. It is made to be used with RJ45 patch cords and when connected with the Mencom E45V3 Ethernet receptacles, it achieves an IP 67 rating. IP 67 indicates the level of protection from outside dirt and water. The E45V3 Ethernet plug allows RJ45 patch cords to pass through in order to easily connect machines to the network. It made to work in extreme environments and can be used for a number of different applications. It is compatible with the Mencom E45V3 receptacles.

The MDE45 series of Ethernet plugs feature M12 D-coded mating thread and are compatible with M12 D-coded connectors. D-coded connectors are typically intended for Ethernet applications. They are available in male or female, straight or right angle configurations. They also have an IP rating for dust and water exposure. The line also includes a shielded plug with a metal body as opposed to the more common polyamide material.

The Ethernet field wireable plugs are part of a range of Ethernet connectors that also includes receptacles and molded cable cordsets. The receptacles include versions with or without the teal Ethernet cable, while the cordsets can feature M12 or RJ45 connections. These Ethernet connectors are available for purchase online or over the phone.