Panel Interface Connectors from Mencom

December 6 2019

Mencom Panel Interface ConnectorMajor Electronix offers a wide selection of panel interface connectors (PICs) from Mencom. They are available in a number of configurations with various connection and communication port options. They are referred to by several other names, such as programming ports or programming interfaces, and are designed to create a safer work environment by preventing arc flash. By allowing access to interior cabinet components without opening the panel door, it eliminates the chances of opening the panel while under load.

Mencom PICs have standard or low-profile housings. Standard housings are epoxy coated die cast aluminum with a solid cover. They are available in 6 different sizes and have a stainless-steel locking lever. Housings are all UL Type 12, 4, and 4X rated. Low profile housings are available in 3 types, with a clear cover. They have a locking mechanism operated by screwdriver. Low profile housings are single size, double size with one cover, or double size with two covers.

Connection options include power ports, communication ports, D-sub miniature connectors, and resettable fuses. Common power port options include 120V duplex or simplex outlets or 120V GFCI outlets. International outlets such as those from China or Europe are also available. D-Sub connections typically have 9, 15, or 25 pins. Standard D-subs are female exterior and male interior. Communication port options include RJ45 Ethernet ports, RJ11 phone ports, 6 or 8 pin mini DIN connections, or USB ports. Resettable fuses are available for 3 amps, 5 amps, 10 amps, or 15 amps.

Port adapters are also part of this line and are useful when only a few connection options are needed. They fit through a 1” cutout and act like a PIC. The port adapters have a USB, RJ45, or RJ11 port with an aluminum or plastic housing. All port adapters come with a protective cap. Also available are panel interface connector cables, which have 25 pin D-Sub connectors. These double ended PVC cables range in length from 2-12 meters.

The most popular PIC configurations can be ordered online, while more customized options can be ordered over the phone or by emailing for a quote. Usually Mencom PICs are made to order, so allow 7-10 business days for delivery. For more information, view our guide to Mencom's panel interface connectors.