Product Spotlight: Hirschmann STAK 3 N Industrial Connector

November 7 2023

The Hirschmann STAK 3 N (P/N 932140-106) cable socket is especially useful in industrial installation and mechanical engineering applications. This gray industrial connector has 3 poles + ground and PG 11 strain relief, accepting 6 to 10 mm diameter cable. The STAK 3 N is ideally suited for current supply and signal transmission, as it is a durable and compact power connector. It has an Ingress Protection rating of IP 54 once connected, meaning it stays protected from dirt and splashes of water. This cable socket connects to the Hirschmann STAS 3 N cable plug. An additional accessory would be the STASI 3 safety bracket. It is also available with a solid black housing (P/N 932140-100).

As part of the ST series, the STAK 3 N has a fiberglass reinforced polyamide housing with copper / tin plated copper zinc contacts, along with a screw terminal connection. ST series connectors can also be found in manufacturing and building automation systems, and provide a reliable connection under heavy vibration. It is designed for applications in which the electrical current needs to remain constant, has a high load, and has a higher voltage. The Hirschmann STAK 3 N has a rated current of 16 Amps AC / 10 Amps DC, and a rated voltage of 400V AC / 250V DC. The ability to support a higher voltage allows it to also be used in electromedicine and measurement. More specifically, it can be used for shutter drives, servo drives, wind turbines, lighting voltage supply, and domestic water supply installation.

The Hirschmann STAK 3 N carries UL (Underwriters Laboratories) approval, along with VDE and SEV approval. VDE is a German association that tests electrical products to make sure they meet certain standards. SEV is a Swiss group that also sets standards for conformity on industrial electronic equipment.