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Seifert KH 800-400 Heater Seifert 115V Control Cabinet Heater Out of Stock
Price: $236.21

Control Cabinet Electric Heaters

Seifert enclosure heaters handled by Major Electronix have both Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature settings to make them easier to use. The dual setting allows the fan to be run continuously, or to be controlled along with the heater by the thermostat. They are constructed from a brushed metal aluminum housing and have a pilot light to show when the heat is on. Also available are resistor heaters and convective heaters. The resistor heaters have an anodized aluminum housing and is made for applications that require steady air circulation. The convective heaters have a self-regulating PTC resistor, which varies the heat in response to the ambient temperature. Control cabinet heaters prevent humidity and condensation from collecting inside, to avoid damage or disruptions in performance to the inside components.