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Mini-Change Receptacles

The Mencom MIN receptacles handled by Major Electronix all have gold plated copper alloy contacts and are made from blue or clear anodized aluminum. Also referred to as mini, or mini-change receptacles, they come in 3 sizes and are available in both male and female versions. MIN size I receptacles have 2-6 contacts and 7/8" mating thread. MIN size II has 1" mating thread with 6-8 contacts, while MIN size III has 1-1/8" coupling thread with 9, 10, 12 or 19 contacts. The female MIN receptacles mostly have a standard 12" lead length with 16, 18 or 22 gauge wire while the panel mount female receptacle has a 36" lead length. Male MIN receptacles are available with the standard lead length as well as 6 inch versions. The female MIN receptacles have 1/2" NPT mounting thread while the male receptacles can come with 1/2" NPT, M20 or PG 11 mounting thread. The wire for these MIN receptacles is rated at 300V or 600V and they have a wide operating temperature range. As with the rest of the Mencom connectors, the MIN receptacles have plug-and-play capabilities. They are commonly used for sensors and actuators, but can prove useful in a number of different applications.

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