Fandis Fan Filter Assemblies Overview

December 14 2020

Fandis Fan Filter AssemblyKeeping the equipment inside a control cabinet at a safe temperature can be crucial to making sure they are protected from overheating. Overheating can cause damage to the devices inside a control cabinet or cause them to malfunction. To that end, the FF and FPF series of fan filters and filter assemblies from Fandis are designed to control the temperature as well as keep foreign particles from getting inside. They come in a range of sizes and are available with or without a fan.

These fan filter assemblies are offered in four sizes, ranging from 150 x 150 mm (6” x 6”) to 325 x 325 mm (12.8” x 12.8”). They come one of two colors: RAL 7035 gray or RAL 9005 black. The versions with fans are rated for 115 or 230V AC. The FPF series has features such as a low profile, snap-on mounting, and an integrated gasket. This series is an older series that is being phased out in favor of the newer FF series. The FF series can be crossed with the FPF series and has design improvements that allow it to be simply pushed onto the enclosure. The covers on the FF series have sliding catches, so they can be removed to change out the filter media without tools. Rather than a gasket, the FF series housing is made to allow water to runoff. The FF series is also resistant to electromagnetic radiation. The filter casings for both series are all made from an ABS plastic / polycarbonate alloy.

Besides the fan filter assemblies, accessories such as thermostats and replacement filter media are also available. The filter media can be used for both the FF series and FPF series and are sold individually. They are washable up to 10 times and can also be cleaned by spraying down or beating. The thermostats are available from Seifert and come in either Fahrenheit or Celsius scale. When used with the fan filter, they will switch the fan on when the temperature inside the control panel goes above a certain level.