HTP DIN 43650 Valve Connectors for specialized applications

January 8 2016

HTP DIN 43650 Valve ConnectorsRecent additions to the line of DIN connectors offered by Major Electronix include several HTP DIN 43650 valve connectors with unique features. Like the standard DIN connectors, these products function the same way, and are useful on the same types of applications, particularly solenoid valves.

Most of these specialized DIN connectors are available as Form A. Form A DIN connectors are characterized by their 18 mm pin spacing, square base, and U shaped pins. The 3 + ground HTP G1NF3000-UV has a UV resistant housing. UV rays can sometimes lead to cracking and fading of certain materials if they aren't designed to deal with particularly sunny locations. The UV resistant housing allows it to be used in outdoor applications, without it being susceptible to damage caused by high sun exposure.

There are several types of Form A connectors available with dual LEDs, that feature red/green LED indicators. LED indicators are used to confirm the voltage supply when it's applied. HTP also has connectors that carry ATEX approval, meaning they can be used around the extreme conditions found in explosive environments. This mainly applies to gases that may be in the air that have the potential, but not the probability of, becoming explosive.

There is also a Form C DIN connector that carries a UL rating. Form C connectors are known by their flat blade pins, square base, and 8 or 9.4 mm pin spacing. It meets certain standards for electrical connectors set by Underwriters Laboratories. It also has CSA approval from the Canadian Standards Association, which also tests products for electrical applications.

These solenoid valve DIN connectors are just a small portion of the full line offered through Major Electronix. For more information on these or other DIN 43650 connectors, you can check out Major's Guide to DIN 43650 Connectors, which includes comparison charts.