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Red Lion N-Tron 9000 Series Modular Ethernet Switches

The 7900CPU is unique in that it accommodates up to four modular switches from the Red Lion N-Tron ® 9000 series. These industrial Ethernet switches meet the standards set by a number of different approval ratings, making them useful for traffic control, maritime applications or other harsh environments. It's durability and reliability also makes it ideal for security and surveillance. The 9000 series modular Ethernet switches can be arranged in any configuration in the 7900CPU. Besides the two gigabit ports on the 7900CPU, it can also support up to 16 fiber optic ports or 24 RJ-45 copper ports from the 9000 series. A few of the modular switches can also support fiber connections. The 7900 features N-Ring technology so it can work as a Ring Manager or Ring Member. When used as a Ring Manager the 7900 can support up to 250 switches and constantly tracks the status of the network. If a break is found, data is rerouted automatically. This series of switches also supports the Advanced Management features, including the N-View OPC Server, which can show diagnostic information on all Red Lion N-Tron® series switches in the ring.

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