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*Please note that for most parts the locking nuts are sold separately*

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Sealcon Brass Strain Relief Fittings with Multi-Hole Inserts

The complete line of Sealcon cord grips with multi-hole inserts is available through Major Electronix. Also known as Hummel, Sealcon Nickel Plated Brass Multi-hole Strain Relief Cable Glands can meet a NEMA 4x (IP 65) Rating. With the proper fitting, they are capable of achieving an IP 68 submersible rating. Available in metric, PG & NPT sizes, these strain relief fittings can feature a number of various inserts. The multi-hole inserts can have anywhere from 1 hole to 10, depending on the size of the fitting. Cable glands with solid plug inserts are usually the best solution when needing a custom fit, as they can be drilled to the size you need. The multi-hole inserts are interchangeable, provided that the nickel plated brass fittings are the same size. They come included with O-Rings to ensure a properly sealed fit. The nickel plated brass material is highly resistant to different types of corrosion and feature ease of use. They work well in many different industries and are useful when a more durable strain relief fitting is needed.