Technical Information

Here you will find a listing of Technical Information for our products, arranged by category. This listing includes cross reference charts, comparison charts, detailed explanations and other useful information.

Cable Carrier Chains

Velum filters Cable Carrier Drag Chain Calculator

Cooling Fans

Cooling FansCooltron Cross Reference Chart
Cooltron AC & DC Cooling Fan Part Number Guide

DIN 43650 Connectors

Form A DIN 43650 ConnectorDIN 43650 Connector Guide
Black Form A DIN 43650 Connector Comparison
Clear Form A DIN 43650 Connector Comparison
Black Form B DIN 43650 Connector Comparison
Black Form C DIN 43650 Connector Comparison

Electrical Enclosures

LiteCycle terminal enclosureInformation on LiteCycle Electrical Enclosures

Fan Accessories

GardTec fan filter assemblyWire Form Fan Guard Cross Reference
Cooling Fan Power Cord Cross Reference
Plastic Fan Filter Assembly Cross Reference
Plastic Fan Guard Cross Reference

Fan Filter Assemblies

Fandis fan filtersFandis Fan Filter Assembly Part Number Guides

Hose & Cable Reels

Hose and Cable Reels

Applications for Coxreels Hose & Cable Reels
Guide to Choosing a Coxreels Hose Reel

Industrial Connectors

Industrial Connectors

Cnlinko Part Number Guide

LED Lights

LED Utility LightLED Light Fixture Advantages & Uses

Mencom Connectors

Fandis fan filtersMencom Connector Part Number Guides


Macromatic RelaysTiming Functions for Macromatic Time Delay Relays

Sealcon connectors

Sealcon M12 & M8 connectorsSealcon M12/M8 Cordset Part Number Guide
Sealcon M12/M8 Cordset Overview


Cooling FansSuns SND4 Safety Limit Switches Cross Reference
Suns HLS Heavy Duty Limit Switches Cross Reference

Test & Measurement

Mueller test leadMueller Test Lead to Meter Cross Reference
Reference Chart for Mueller Clips & Insulators

Tower & Signal Lights

Menics Tower LightMenics Tower and Beacon Signal Light Mounting Accessories

Wire Strippers

Major 5001
Wire Stripping Machine Specifications
5001 Operating Instructions