Mencom PMIN Series Power Distribution Connectors

July 8 2016

Mencom PMIN Series ConnectorsBrand new from Mencom are the PMIN series of circular power distribution connectors. These connectors are available with 3 or 4 pole, male or female, straight or right angle configurations. The PMIN series is part of the larger MIN series of Mencom connectors, which are more commonly known as Mini or Mini-Change connectors. It includes molded cable cordsets in varying lengths, receptacles, and T distributors. The T distributors allow you to make connections to direct power to more than one area. The connectors are all rated up to 600V, and feature 1-3/8" mating thread.

Like the rest of Mencom's Mini connectors, the PMIN series features plug and play capability. It is also designed with cost effectiveness and efficiency in mind, with quick disconnects and faster installation without needing the special tools used in conduit raceway applications. They carry an IP 67 protection rating, which indicates complete protection against dust and other foreign particles, as well as protection from temporary immersion in water. The PMIN series in most useful in applications that need more power, such as material handling, automated machine tools, packaging, robotics, and motor control. The entire system uses a modular design, allowing different parts to be implemented as part of the same system.

A selection of molded cable cordsets are currently available for purchase through our online store, with more products being added in the coming weeks. The PMIN series cordsets currently include 1 to 15 meter cable lengths, with 10, 12 or 14 wire gauge sizes. They feature black PVC connectors with gold plated copper alloy contacts and gray PVC cable. PVC is known for its resistance to certain chemicals as well as moisture. Rated currents include 15A, 18A, or 25A, however some can go up to 30A if necessary. Please note that because these products are brand new, there may be a longer lead time.