LED Lighting

LED Lighting provides several advantages to existing fixtures

The LED lighting from Light Efficient Design and Euri Lighting that is handled by Major Electronix is more beneficial to use than other forms of lighting. Many of these lights are aluminum, making them very durable and long lasting. Most have life expectancies of up to 50,000 hrs, reducing the need for maintenance or replacement bulbs. LED lights typically generate less heat than other bulbs, while still giving off more light per watt. With no mercury content, these LEDs are more environmentally friendly and easier to dispose of if necessary. LED lights do not immediately fail without warning. Instead, over time they gradually grow dimmer. These retrofit LED lights can replace the less efficient HID fixtures, while also being used for new applications. With all the various LED lighting options available, there is sure to be one to fit your needs. These LED lights prove useful for many different applications, including such areas as security lighting, warehouse lighting, high and low bay utility lighting, recessed lighting, garages, and outdoor lighting. LEDs are especially suited for directional recessed and task lighting, as they can give off light in a certain direction without having to reflect it.

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