Product Spotlight: Major 5001 Electric Benchtop Wire Stripping Machine

August 8 2023

Wire stripping machines do not have to be bulky or complicated to operate. When it comes to convenience and ease of use, look no further than the Major 5001 electric benchtop wire stripper. Made to be compact and lightweight, it can be easily moved to different work stations. It works with wire gauge sizes from 30-14 AWG without needing to change blades to accommodate different sizes. A unique feature in the 5001 is that it can strip Teflon and other similar insulation materials as well as PVC.

The 5001 wire stripping machine has plug and play capability in three simple steps. Simply turn it on, set the wire size, set the stripping length, and it’s ready to go. Stripping length and wire size are selected using adjustment knobs. If the wire size is unknown, set it to a larger size and work down to the appropriate setting. Stripping length ranges from 0.062” to 0.4”. There is a selector switch to choose between partial or complete removal of the insulation. Once the adjustments are set, the wire can be inserted. Once it touches the stop inside the machine, it will automatically start without needing any further input. A removable drawer on the side collects scrap insulation, although it may be ideal to use the machine without the drawer in place if it is going to be used frequently. This saves on constantly having to empty the scrap drawer. Keep in mind that the 5001 is not intended to strip wire for scrap.

Very little maintenance is required. It is recommended to give the machine a monthly inspection, although it may need one more often if it is used extensively. Make sure the blades and cam set do not need replacing and lubricate it using a light machine oil. If anything does require replacement, we carry a full line of replacement parts, including blades, cam sets, adjustment knobs, circuit boards, and more. In the event the machine needs repair beyond replacing parts, the machine can be shipped to us with a description of the problem along with contact information and a return shipping address. Our technician will evaluate it and a repair amount will be given before work is performed. With its easy maintenance, the 5001 wire stripper can provide years and years of reliable operation.