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Relays from Macromatic & Kacon provide a number of uses

The extensive line of Macromatic & Kacon relays ensure that there will something to meet your needs. This wide range of relays is useful in controlling and monitoring industrial equipment. Macromatic relays are made here in the USA and are usually made to order. The Macromatic relays can have several different mounting styles, with most having an 8 or 11 pin octal plug-in base, while some are DIN rail adaptable. Kacon plug in relays are used with a DIN rail socket.

Major Electronix handles a variety of relays from Macromatic & Kacon. The Macromatic line includes phase monitor relays, time delay relays, voltage monitor relays and alternating relays to name a few. Some of the newer models feature a wireless design and the American made relays come with a 5 year warranty. Macromatic relays are used in a large variety of industries and applications, for example motors, compressors, water treatment, control panels, processing and dispensing equipment. Time delay relays are especially useful when certain equipment functions need to be delayed on timed basis in the interest of safety. The phase monitor relays can indicate the presence of any phase errors in your equipment while the voltage monitor relays are made to protect against under or overvoltage situations. Besides these types, the line also features current sensing relays, pump seal failure relays and intrinsically safe relays. Current sensing relays give you added peace of mind, knowing that they are able to monitor for overcurrent or undercurrent errors. Pump seal failure relays are made to show when a leak in a seal is detected and intrinsically safe relays are intended for more hazardous areas. Alternating relays balance out the run time between two or three loads. Many of the Kacon electro mechanical relays have ice cube style housing with LED indicators. Some Kacon relays also feature surge protection.

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