ILME Rectangular Multipole Connectors

May 6, 2013

ILME Rectangular Multi-pole connectorsILME rectangular multipole connectors from Mencom are now being offered through the Major Electronix website. The wide range of ILME connectors includes rectangular hoods and inserts, bulkhead and surface mount housing bases, as well as accessories such as rectangular covers and crimp pins. The variety of styles, sizes and configurations of these connectors ensures that they can meet the needs of numerous applications.

The different sizes of bulkhead mount housing bases can come with one or two levers, with or without a cover, with some of the larger sizes accommodating double inserts. Surface mount housings feature one or two side cable entries. The hood enclosures are available in metal or plastic, and have PG size or metric cable entries. The plastic inserts have termination by screw, spring or crimp pin and are made to resist flame.

There are also more specialized series of ILME connectors, for more specific applications. The W-Type is made for harsh environments, featuring a unique finish that resist corrosion from chemicals and outside elements. The high temperature enclosures can be used in areas where the surrounding temperature reaches up to 180 C. T-Type enclosures are made from self-extinguishing thermoplastic, to be more insulating than the aluminum versions. There are also IP68 rated versions, featuring the highest protection against exposure to dirt and water.

A number of these ILME rectangular connectors are available on the website, with more being added over the coming weeks.