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DECA DIN Rail Terminal Blocks

DIN Rail terminal blocks from DECA are available in several types, including screw clamp, screw clamp diode, screw clamp disconnect, screw clamp double level, screw clamp miniature, and spring clamp. With the CDU series screw clamp type, there is one terminal connection and the metal clamps hold the wires in place. The CDK double level screw clamp series has two terminal connections with metal clamps to hold the wires in position. The CTR screw clamp diode series is connected by a diode that sends the current to both terminals. The SDU spring clamp series has a quicker installation than the screw type. This range of terminal blocks use a clamp instead of a screw to keep the wires in position. Also included in this line are ground terminal blocks, which send the ground to the DIN rail. They are distinguished by their green & yellow housings.